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Industrial Plant Safety

Without robust safety systems and procedures you or your employees could end up in court on a corporate manslaughter charge - facing a possible life sentence. Don’t believe me? Well, consider the following:

  • On 15 February 2011, Cotswold Geotechnical (Holdings) Ltd became the first company to be convicted of corporate manslaughter under the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007

  • Cotswold Geotechnical was fined £385,000, which amounted to 115% of its turnover for the year of the accident, to be payable over ten years. This was notwithstanding the fact that the sentencing judge considered that the fine and payment plan might well cause the company’s liquidation.  Mr Justice Field said that this was an unfortunate but unavoidable consequence of the serious breach (Read more from this story here)

  • Let’s be clear then: safety is a serious issue in modern working life, and it’s an issue in which Teesside company, Lockout Tagout Safety Ltd, is keen to promote and raise awareness of...

What is Lockout-Tagout?

  • Lockout-Tagout is a safety procedure used in industry: Often, workers are exposed to electrical and mechanical hazards while servicing equipment and machinery
  • Lockout Tagout (LoTo) ensures that dangerous machines are properly isolated uring maintenance. That is, they cannot be reactivated before the completion of maintenance or servicing work
  • This drastically reduces electrical and mechanical hazards and heavily reduces the number of serious injuries and deaths in the workplace

To offer an insight into the comprehensive solutions that Lockout Tagout Safety Ltd can provide, we can offer you an insight into a recent contract we carried out with Lafarge:

Ted Boynton, director with Lockout Tagout Safety Ltd, says: “We can provide a niche service, from awareness & training to manufacturing bespoke products, and, where necessary, building padlocks and masters on site, suiting them to a customer’s requirements."

“Companies are increasingly realising that effective safety solutions don’t have to cost the earth - complete solutions for mid-sized companies range from as little as £6,000 - 10,000. This isn't just about products however, it’s about robust, clear safety procedures underpinned by quality safety products. That’s where our niche service helps to provide Independent solutions to specific needs with fit-for-purpose products.”

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Here are just a few of the products we offer to help you start your own Lockout Tagout system.

Lockout Kit

When working in this dangerous industry, it is crucial to take enforcement action to ensure health and safety. Providing workers with fit for purpose, custom mechanical lockout kits along with robust procedures keeps your workers safe. Choose from our universal Lockout Kit range and ensure safe workplaces. Everyone should be able to go to work and return home safe and unharmed through effective safety policies Lockout Tagout Program underpinned with the right lockout devices/tools. choose the right kit or call us for a custom kit. These portable kits provide all the equipment required for implenting lockout tagout procedures. Available in personal and team sizes.

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Lockout Tagout Safety Ltd are a Abloy Super Centre. This means we build Abloy products on site, allowing you to purchase a variety of customisable padlocks. Available in a wide variety of sizes and materials, to suit your needs.

Abloy Locks are used by High Security Organisations where reliability & security is absolute. Military, Industrial, Energy Organisations and Local Authorities all utilise Abloy to maintain long-term, high security systems.

View our full range at


These versatile circuit breaker lockouts are designed to isolate equipment that is connected to the circuit breaker, as circuit breakers can stil be reactivated by anyone walking past. Available in a wide range of locking types, to fit whatever circuit breakers you have installed, they are the number one choice in electrical lockout safety.

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This is just a small sample of the products we offer that can make your workplace safer. To see more, visit, or visit our resource centre, where you can find more relevant info on Lockout Tagout.
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